Tuesday, December 29, 2009

     I have sent the following e-mail to Sen. Cornyn today:

"Dear Sen. Cornyn,

I have read your comments on your webpage concerning, "I Accept The President’s Challenge".

Congratulations! You have laid out concisely and in detail the differences that Pres. Obama had promised in his campaign approach to healthcare and the reality of the Reid Bill.

You have come alive and if you continue in this respect, you are guaranteed my vote in the next election and also be assured that there are many like me. Those without an inkling of common sense and always what they hand out will not count in the next election, providing you can stop make one from doing its immoral work.

You can go one step further by bringing your healthcare opinions to the Senate floor. If drunken Sen. Baucus can speak on the floor, as I have seen on You Tube, you should be able to do the same.