Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Public Health Insurance Program

Exchange of e-mails:

Carol says:
     "I read the health care reform plan and some of the amendments. It is basically a sound document that reforms what is wrong with out current system. The plan lets the private sector co-exist with a public health care option. This does not mean the government is taking over the health care system. Otherwise, why leave the private sector intact? The original documents are about all I study. If that's an emotional approach which clouds my judgment, then it does. However, what would you suggest should be reviewed?"

ACS says:
     The Public insurance program, will initially compete with private insurance programs. The Public program is not obligated to make a profit to stay in business. It will offer better benefits than private insurance programs. In so doing, the Public Program will obtain most healthcare subscribers. Only a few will continue to purchase private insurance, and those insurance companies will shortly be forced out of business. This is a classical action of business and government and has many years ago been declared illegal by antitrust laws, which are now not enforced.
     When the Public insurance program no longer has competition, it will deteriorate into incompetency. Service will decrease and insurance premiums will increase."