Thursday, September 26, 2013

Funding the Government

Open Email to Rep. Neugebauer (TX):

Dear Rep. Neugebauer,
    This email concerns funding the government by both the House and the Senate passing a Continuing Resolution.
    The house has already passed its portion, which includes defunding Obamacare.
    The Washington Times says the Senate will likely vote Friday to cut off debate, will approve an amendment that would restore funding to Obamacare, pass the bill and then send it back to the House.
    This is not exactly correct. As you know, whenever there is a difference between the House and Senate versions of a bill, the two branches meet to resolve the difference.
    In this case, the question will be whether the House and Senate will uniformly pass the bill with or without the Obamacare defunding provision. Either the Senate can change its position and agree to the defunding, or the House can change its position and remove the defunding provision.
    I strongly urge you and other members of the House to maintain a strong position on including Obamacare defunding in the Continuing Resolution. Leave it up to the Senate to change his position, and if it will not do so, let the chips fall where they may.
    However compromise to defeat has been the essence of the Republican Party operation for a number of years, and I am sure that there are many Republicans in the House, who will either cave on the defund provision or perhaps go for a compromise. The compromise could be to review repeal of the Obamacare law after the 2014 election and again, if necessary, after the 2016 election. In addition, the Continuing Resolution should contain a provision to reduce government spending by at least 10% per year, on top of the sequester already in place.
    I will look to see how you individually perform in this action.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rep. Neugebauer (TX) on Defunding Obamacare

Open Email to Rep. Neugebauer (TX):

Dear Rep Neugebauer,
    I have read your latest Newsletter.
    You said you voted in the House to defund Obamacare while also keeping other government operations running. Congratulations! But, that is only half the issue. When push comes to shove, will you let the government shut down, or will you cave on defunding Obamacare and allow a Continuing Resolution (CR) to operate government, including Obamacare?
    You also said you were part of a group of House Republicans who wrote a letter to the Senate, urging them to take action to defund Obamacare. In part, the letter said,“Now, it is up to the Republicans and like-minded Democrats in the Senate to continue the charge to defend the American people from this disaster to their health and finances. We urge you to use all of the legislative tools at your disposal, including the filibuster, to protect America from this train wreck. House Republicans are leading the fight to control spending, stop Obamacare, and protect hardworking Americans, and it is time for the Senate to join us." Congratulations again! But again, does "using all of the legislative tools at the Senate's disposal" include shutting down the government? Or, do you expect the Senate to cave when faced with shutting down the government, if defunding Obamacare is not included?