Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pres. Obama Uses Poster Woman to Distort Healthcare Picture

E-mail to Congress:
I heard Pres. Obama's Ohio campaign speech on health care yesterday.

It is interesting how he can distort situations and easily convince a listening audience to his point of view.

I am particularly referring to his poster woman, who had been denied insurance. Obama had intended to have her present during his "lecture", but he explained that she was now back in the hospital diagnosed with leukemia. He used the latest woman's hospitalization to rant about the injustice of it all.

Perhaps you are also deceived by it. Since the woman is in the hospital, she is obviously not being denied health care. What is the injustice? Is it the fact that she now has leukemia? That is always going to happen to a small segment of the population no matter what government does in its present approach to healthcare. Is it the fact that she has no insurance and may be faced with a large hospital bill? She probably hasn't received the bill yet. Why then worry about it? She's getting the medical care she needs. If she is able to leave the hospital cured or uncured, will she be the first to be unable to pay her bill? Will the hospital keep her captive and continue to add to her bill? Do you hospitals make special arrangements for people who have insufficient funds?

There is a lot of logic in the above questions, which some may consider trash.

The key point is that health care is not the issue in this country. The issue is financing healthcare. Yet, Pres. Obama concentrates on health care rather than the financing aspect, because of the emotional thrust he can obtain in getting his Marxist bill passed. As an ancillary matter, may I suggest that all be aware of the potential destructive emotional force of anecdotal situations, such as the "poster woman". Clear heads should always prevail in making decisions on important matters, and an example which is not an example, can be destructive to this process.

Are Californians Being Denied Health Care?

E-mail to Congress:
EIN News says, "24% of Californians lack health insurance".

So what? Are they being denied health care, or is it a matter of financial consideration involving how much they pay or are unable to pay for the healthcare they receive. The federal government is over its head in debt and is still operating. Few seem to be seriously concerned about that. Why then should we be concerned about someone who can't afford to pay his health care bill? He's getting the care he needs.

If we want to improve our health care financial situation, that's one consideration. If we parade this as an emotional matter of people being denied health care, that is a distortion and deception.