Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sen. Cornyn (TX) on Obamacare

Open Email to Sen. Cornyn (TX):

Dear Sen. Cornyn,
    Thank you for your form letter indicating your opposition to Obamacare and your continued efforts to defund or repeal it.
    As you know, Senate Democrats and the President have dug in their heels against defunding, and there is no way that you will be successful in defunding or repealing the law, with the present constitution of a Democratic Senate and President. Additionally, Government shutdown did not impose any imposition on Obamacare taking affect as scheduled.
    The full Congress and the President voted to establish this law, presumably as the will of the people. It is also so constituted in its myriad pages, that there is no possibility it can be decimated, until we have a change in government.
    Although you now claim your opposition, I cannot completely forgive you for being part of the Senate that has foisted such a horrendous burden on the American people concerning the future integrity of the United States government. Apparently, you voted against the bill in the Senate, but you did not raise enough hell to gain disapproval of what what even appeared to be a monstrosity at the time. We will all now suffer from this neglect.