Friday, October 17, 2014

Liberal Ideology with Respect to Ebola

I have previously written suggesting serious quarantine for control of the Ebola disease. In that essay, I touched on a liberal attitude which would be detrimental to actual disease control.
A Political Associate has further commented on my essay, particularly the aspect of liberal ideology and disease control. He said the following, as what he thinks is the Liberal ideology on the subject:
"Quarantine worked well and was accepted widely among the USA and the world, that is until AIDS came along.  Suddenly the deviant behavior crowd was suffering and dying in great numbers.  This couldn't be their fault, it was unfair and it must be the work of ... Republicans or some other evil crowd.  Also if we quarantined this infected group, their deviant lifestyle would be affected.  If we identified this crowd to protect the non-infected, they would be ostracized by society.
So we have developed a modern ethic on dealing with infectious/contagious diseases.  The rules are like this:
Never publicly identify a person with the disease Never ask questions that would lead to an answer that allows the healthy to seperate Celebrate that the disease exist and normalize its constant threat to society Release those with the disease into the general population Pay for the care and treatment of the escalating and never ending population with the disease with government funds Wear colorful ribbons on your lapel to let other know how much you care for those with the disease Identify anyone who speaks truth of the disease and censure them Spurn and humiliate anyone who suggest quarantine as a control
So you see with Ebola, like AIDS, your antiquated quarantine idea just won’t work.  We will only understand the disease by celebrating and embracing it. To understand and develop the right ethic we must all suffer".

I don't mind a little suffering to help my fellow man, but my unnecessary death from a communicable disease is not part of my reasoning.

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