Friday, October 17, 2014

Quarantine for Ebola

Several hundred years ago society learned how to deal with human infectious disease. It established a system known as quarantine, which simply is that a person having the disease or suspected of having the disease is isolated from other human beings. This automatically eliminates the possibility of disease transmission from person-to-person..
The Ebola disease is typical of a viral disease that can be controlled by quarantine. Unfortunately, a segment of society has also developed an attitude, which we will call a liberal attitude, and which is best represented in the number of people who adhere to an ideology that West Africans, the hotbed of the disease should, not be quarantined. They somehow, in their lack of logic and recognition of experience on how to handle infectious diseases, have come to the conclusion that all West Africans should be allowed to travel, usually by airplane, exposing themselves and their diseases to other people in the process. This is obviously a ridiculous ideology to those persons experienced in medicine and science in general. These opposers to quarantine are usually educated people in disciplines such as psychology and social service,. Simply put, these people know nothing about how to control infectious disease. Left to their own devices, there would be no controls and the disease would subsequently become rampant leading to the deaths of millions of people, such as occurred in the European experience with the plague, before the development of quarantine procedures. Now, anyone opposed to quarantine in any of its forms is judged by me to be an ignoramus and a danger to society in general.
Sen. Cruz of Texas, in his recent newsletter, has proposed a temporary flight ban on non-US passengers traveling from Ebola-afflicted nations.. This is the right direction, but does not go nearly far enough. A better proposal would be to ban all commercial flights to and from countries known to have a large number of Ebola cases. For the liberals, this does not mean the natives of those West African nations cannot be helped by US technology. Private charter flights and military flights would be allowed.
Let's also see what Pres. Obama's newly appointed Czar plans to do with respect to quarantine. If he is anything like the political hack of the CDC which we have recently heard on television, we can expect no practical controls and look forward to millions and perhaps billions of deaths around the world from Ebola.

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